Selling Tips

Selling a house as it is, is challenging. You don’t know where to start from, or how to approach this whole new scenario. It is an adventure into the unknown, and of course, a frightening one. It is unsurprising that people often end up making mistakes. There are a lot of pitfalls, and you can easily forget an important parameter and make everything look bad. That’s why we have come up with advice again. You should always keep these 4 things in your mind when you ever plan to sell your house as it is:

Targeted customer

First of all, your home is not for everyone. Since the product is different (as it is), the targeted audience will also be different. Not everyone will be interested in your house, and you don’t want them to be either. Find someone who is in need of your home within that price range.

Define your lowest price limit

Of course, you are not expecting high ball offers. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for any price—yes, even if you are not getting the right offers. The best strategy is to start by fixing the lowest price you think is genuine for your house. Then choose (realistically) how much profit you would want, and stick to it.

Legal disclosures

Yes, it is equally important. You need to make complete disclosures. Even though it is understood that you’re selling as it is, you don’t want anything to be used against you. Who knows? The buyer may want compensation for the disclosures you didn’t make or you simply forgot.

Code violations

Code violations are things often overlooked by sellers which sellers. If the buyer is using a mortgage loan, the house will be checked for the structural strength, condition, and every other thing that influences its value. If the property fails on these checks, the buyer might not get the loan. The deal will break then and there. So, it is extremely important that your property clears these code minimums.

Resale tips

When putting house on listing or when reaching out to a real estate agent, your main concern is to get the house sold for as much as possible, isn’t it? You want the best offers to reach your house. With changing times, houses are not just as an abode. They have evolved into an investment. An important facet of this is getting the most, and possibly more than the house’s worth. But why, after so many years, would your house get a decent price? Well, like most of the things, there’s several trick to it. It’s not some cosmetic changes here and there. Above all, it requires meticulous planning and perfect execution. Here are 5 cool and simple tips to increase the resale value of your house.

Upgrade the exterior look of the house

They say first impression is the last impression. Have the pathway to the house cleaned. Add greenery. Taking care of those tiny plants is not easy. It would be better if you fix it with drought resistant plants. Only when you have a good first impression, you can strengthen it with the interiors.

Get a flawless kitchen

A kitchen is one of the most, if not the most, special part the house. It holds a different place in the minds of the buyers. For any prospect to walk in and see even the simplest of the flaws could have significant negative impact. Make sure your kitchen is flawless before you bring in a prospect to see it. See if the electric fitting is in place and plumbing is absolutely fine. Replace that sink if it comprises with the aesthetics. Get new varnish on the wooden cabinets.

The dream washroom

After the kitchen, washroom is a place of interest. You do not need to splurge money. You simply need to create a vision that the prospect won’t be able to avoid imagining himself in it. Invest in some premium fittings and make the place shine. Like kitchen, a washroom must remain on the mind of the buyers for a long time after they have taken the leave.

A storage space

It’s something which most houses avoid. But it is something that almost every person in a house needs. If you are able to carve out a storage space in your house, you already have an edge over your competitors. And a few dollars above the general price could be easily justified. Just make sure the storage space doesn’t look like a stunt. It should be a genuine and usable and must look like of a great importance to the buyer.

Ensure general cleanliness

Even if everything is in right shape, you would not be able to make an impression without cleanliness of the house. This inhibits the user imagination to look house in a clean context. You must ensure that when a buyer steps in, your house must speak for itself. Make sure the curtains and windows are clean and free from dust. Remove those old carpets and rugs. And most importantly, make the floor shine!